“What happened to my view?”

You are one of the first lot owners in a new custom home development that has really dramatic views in all directions – that’s why you bought the property. Everything looks amazing – now! But what will happen when homes are built on adjacent properties in the near future?

A critical concern for the homeowner and a challenging one for the architect is to “anticipate the unexpected” with respect to view corridors. Worst case scenario: a neighbor builds the largest house possible on the land. So, how do we anticipate the unexpected? It’s not magic, but it takes a good deal of experience with the conjunction of land and architecture. The Tucson architects of Soloway Designs use proprietary visualization techniques to demonstrate to our client just how those amazing views could be negatively altered and how best to design in anticipation. Well, maybe there is some magic involved.

Solar Power – Is it worth it?

There are a few questions I can always count on when meeting with new clients. Whether the project is a new custom home or an addition to an already existing structure, green home design and energy savings is on most clients minds. Though there are many green home solutions available today, the most frequent question I am asked is, “what is your experience with solar power and is it worth the investment?” I can easily answer this question because our firm has a great deal of experience in green home design, having incorporated countless systems into our custom homes. More importantly is my personal experience with solar power, as I have solar panels on my own home. The answer is an absolute YES!

My home was built at the end of 2010 and like all the homes we design, we detail out provisions in our construction documents to build in the necessary items needed to add solar power in the future. A few hundred dollars is the total cost for these provisions. If these are not done, it could cost a lot more because you will have to rip into your walls and roof in order to install after the house is built. We added solar to our home a year after we moved in.

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Telling The Truth To Clients About Their Budget

Designing and building a custom home represents a major investment, and this process must be truthful with respect to the budget that the client sets.

Each client has a budget, whether it be 400 thousand or 4 million, and this is a threshold they do not want to knowingly cross. The problem may arise when a client’s desires exceed what they want to spend. As an architect, it is my responsibility to create amazing architecture that suits the clients needs, wants, wishes and most importantly, their budget.

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Soloway Design’s New Website

We’ve been designing our new website for sometime now. The reason we chose to take our time was to ensure that it provided the users a great experience. We had always received amazing comments on our previous site but we felt that it was not as user friendly as it could be and it did not present our firm, nor our projects, like we wanted.

In creating what we wanted, we, like anyone before us, scoured the internet for other sites to see what other people did right.  There were many sites that had great attributes but what was amazing is none of them were architecture firms.

We did not find anyone that provided endless photos of projects. No one who provided a wide range of design styles with multiple projects in each. A select few that offered anything about what could be done with green building and design.

We hope that everyone finds our website to be different!

What the Soloway Blog Will Be

The Soloway Design’s Blog will be a very different architectural blog than most of you are used to.  As I consider myself a different kind of architect (in a good way!) than most, the blog that I will be writing will follow suit.  Some topics will be about experiences that I have had over since I opened the firm.  Others will be helpful items that can help current and future clients.  I will apologize if the blogs are not beautifully written but I would rather have the ability to design gorgeous homes than be able to write eloquently about architecture.  I do love to express my opinions so please bear with me.

The first blog is coming!