Telling The Truth To Clients About Their Budget

Designing and building a custom home represents a major investment, and this process must be truthful with respect to the budget that the client sets.

Each client has a budget, whether it be 400 thousand or 4 million, and this is a threshold they do not want to knowingly cross. The problem may arise when a client’s desires exceed what they want to spend. As an architect, it is my responsibility to create amazing architecture that suits the clients needs, wants, wishes and most importantly, their budget.

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A Client’s Budget

Ever since the U.S. economy took a major hit in 2009, a client’s budget has become front and center in the architectural world. The problem is most architects ignore a client’s ultimate wish to build their dream home within their budget… Whether we are designing a 500,000 dollar home or a 4 million dollar home, there is no reason why an experienced architect cannot design within a small percentage of their desired cost of construction. The stories I continue to hear is that architects are notorious for over designing thus either causing the project to be re-designed completely, the project to be canceled or making the client pay so much more than they ever wanted on their home.

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