The ground on which we build our homes is typically always at a constant temperature making it a wonderful resource for energy efficient green home design. With geothermal systems we use that temperature to our advantage, creating an eco-friendly heating and cooling solution. Pipes are drilled into the ground (yes, even in our hard ground in Arizona) creating a loop. These loops can be horizontal along the ground or where space is limited, vertical. In Arizona, vertical would be the most used option.

In the summer, heat is taken from the home and transferred into the ground through the heat pump. In the winter it is opposite, the heat pump extracts heat from the ground through the loop and transfers it into heat for your home. By using a geothermal system in your home, you can dramatically cut down on both your heating and cooling expenses and reduce your carbon footprint.

Because geothermal units use the ground, they do not depend on outside air temperatures. You can imagine how much a traditional air conditioning system that has a condenser outside is affected by these temperatures. A geothermal unit never sees, nor cares about these air temperatures. A geothermal unit can be more than twice as efficient than any regular heat pump or air conditioner.

Cost Efficient

One of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home.


Reducing the use of fossil fuels and pollutants lowers your carbon footprint.

Low Maintenance

Fewer moving parts means a longer lived system and less maintenance.

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