Green home design, otherwise known as eco friendly architecture or sustainable architecture, starts with the basic design of your home or commercial project. This is because green home design is not just about using solar panels or tankless water heaters. It begins with how you design to the environment in which your project is placed.

How does it sit in within the topography? How is it oriented to the sun path? Will the placement capture the best opportunity for cross breeze? How will light affect the house and can you use natural light in lieu of artificial throughout the day? Once you design to these basic elements for being green (that are not costly), you can then begin to discuss elements like solar, geothermal, rainwater harvesting and grey water systems.

There is an infinite number of possibilities of incorporating green building into your project. Building materials can add better insulation, using local materials helps cut down on shipping thus reducing the carbon footprint on the materials you use. Using LED lighting in lieu of incandescent cuts down heat load as well as elongates the life of the light itself. Same goes for the carpets, paint and tile you choose. The possibilities are endless!

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