Designing and building a custom home represents a major investment, and this process must be truthful with respect to the budget that the client sets.

Each client has a budget, whether it be 400 thousand or 4 million, and this is a threshold they do not want to knowingly cross. The problem may arise when a client’s desires exceed what they want to spend. As an architect, it is my responsibility to create amazing architecture that suits the clients needs, wants, wishes and most importantly, their budget.

All too often, other architecture firms make dishonest misrepresentations about what can be achieved within a budget, just to get the job. The result will likely be a contentious interaction and a home that is not all you envisioned nor the budget you wanted to spend. Many times the result can be a house that will never be built. Not the outcome you want to experience.

I have a strict policy that I wish all architects followed: I’d rather lose the job than lie to a client in order to get the job.