The three main benefits of installing insulation are to improve your comfort levels, reduce noise and save on energy costs. Years ago there was only fiberglass and cellulose insulation to choose from. Today, spray foam insulation is being used in many of our projects due to its performance. Although double in cost compared to standard insulation, spray foam provides the following benefits: No air leakage because after being sprayed, it expands to roughly 100 times its original volume and hardens into a solid. As a result, it is able to fill vacant air gaps and will expand and contract in relation to the building.  It also will never sag over time like other types of insulation.  Most importantly is the savings in energy costs that spray foam provides.

All standard insulation as well as the profession use R-value as reference to how well a product insulates which unfortunately does not tell the entire picture. Although standard insulation has a higher R value, spray foam insulation performs better. In addition, fiberglass loses R-value over its lifetime and will sag in it’s cavities while spray foam does not. With this said, standard insulation still provides a great barrier to the cold and heat.