35th Annual Parade of Homes

Housing & Building Association of Northwestern Colorado presented its 35th Annual Parade of Homes in October 2016.  Porter Homes, Grand Junction, CO, captured five awards in the Category – Above $500,000 Custom Homes:

  • Best Creativity and Innovation
  • Best Floor Plan
  • Best Interior Decor
  • Best Master Suite
  • Best Landscaping

DesignBoom – Dynamic Modern Design

Topper Residence – Dynamic Modern Design – Oct 9th 2016

Client’s Vision: A modern, open design with minimal barriers to capture the stunning desert and mountain views. Design Approach: Dynamic simplicity expressed in Modern design elements that allow the natural desert to become an integral part the interior living experience.

To read more about our Topper design, please see our DesignBoom article.


“What happened to my view?”

You are one of the first lot owners in a new custom home development that has really dramatic views in all directions – that’s why you bought the property. Everything looks amazing – now! But what will happen when homes are built on adjacent properties in the near future?

A critical concern for the homeowner and a challenging one for the architect is to “anticipate the unexpected” with respect to view corridors. Worst case scenario: a neighbor builds the largest house possible on the land. So, how do we anticipate the unexpected? It’s not magic, but it takes a good deal of experience with the conjunction of land and architecture. The Tucson architects of Soloway Designs use proprietary visualization techniques to demonstrate to our client just how those amazing views could be negatively altered and how best to design in anticipation. Well, maybe there is some magic involved.

Telling The Truth To Clients About Their Budget

Designing and building a custom home represents a major investment, and this process must be truthful with respect to the budget that the client sets.

Each client has a budget, whether it be 400 thousand or 4 million, and this is a threshold they do not want to knowingly cross. The problem may arise when a client’s desires exceed what they want to spend. As an architect, it is my responsibility to create amazing architecture that suits the clients needs, wants, wishes and most importantly, their budget.

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